We get a asked a lot of times:

Is it possible to ship my puppy?   The answer is “YES”

Due to COVID19, costs increased to arrive into any major airport, in the continental US at 8 weeks old*

  • Includes the ticket
  • Crate
  • Airline requested vet appointment,
  • Travel to Airport.
  • For the benefit of the puppy, we choose the shortest flight, not necessarily the cheapest one.

We like to ship on a Friday, as early in the day as possible, for the benefit of the puppy, hoping you have the weekend to get to know the puppy and start the training.
*If the puppy is older than 8 weeks the price may be slightly higher depending on the weight
If you prefer your puppy to be driven that can be arranged for a fee as well.  Please call to discuss as this fee would be based on several factors.

If you have any additional questions send us your questions via our contact page or Whatsapp.