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Hi PawsPlanett,
I bought two Doberman puppies from you back in July. I just wanted you to know that they have become an important part of our family. They are very energetic and full of life. We just love our new puppies. They are growing in to their dog body. Moreover, learning so many new things l…

Elizabeth Keith

Omaha, NE

Hi, my husband and I was looking for my birthday gift. And we decided to get a new puppy. We then came across with PawsPlanett and had the chance to talk with the breeders. Please let me start by saying; That anyone whom might be interesting in getting a PawsPlanett puppy this is a good legal websit…

Jerry J. Boger

Center, TX

Hi, We were extremely scared in the beginning when we decided to adopt a PawsPlanett puppy, we had lots of concerns regarding shipping, the health of the puppy upon arrival and the reliability of shipping in general, PawsPlanett was very helpful with answers to all our questions, but I was not still…

Helene Cunningham

Sulphur, LA

If you are lucky enough to get a puppy from King’s PawsPlanett Home, your life will be complete. Everyone has an opinion what a dog should be, PawsPlanett is your wish come true. My puppy is very smart, has a great personality and people who are afraid of dogs in my family love this dog. PawsPlane…

Angel Oneil

Lyndhurst, NJ

PawsPlanett helped me find just the right puppy at just the right time for an affordable price. I had looked and looked for the right puppy but refused to pay what some breeders were asking. My little angel is so smart, very lovable, and the most adorable puppy I have ever seen! Everyone love…

Pearl J. Graham

New York, NY

We recently had the pleasure of purchasing a puppy from PawsPlanett. A couple of other things that excite us are the fact that she has been well crate trained and she is doing just an excellent job with house breaking. I know that King’s PawsPlanett Home started training the puppies when they had …

Thomas Blair

Phoenix, AZ

I had been searching for a PawsPlanett for over a year when I came across PawsPlanett. I could not have asked for a better breeder to work with! From start to finish they were great. I had found a breeder 20 minutes away from me but felt so much more comfortable with PawsPlanett. I was told and emai…

Mary Duran

Rake, IA